‘Wellbeing Lifestyle’ focuses on such aspects as health and exercise, nutrition and rest, activity for the body and mind – and especially on the importance of interactivity with other, like-minded people.

That’s why ‘Wellbeing Lifestyle’ places so much importance on social activities such as its weekends away, day trips, and on regular events such as its Tea Dances.

Relationships too are important to older people, and just being older doesn’t mean that people are any less passionate.

‘Wellbeing Lifestyle’ offers a wide range of products and services purpose-made for older people.

Have a look through our website and see for yourself!

Up & Coming Tea Dances...


Tea Dance at The Heath Methodist Vista Roan, Runcorn

Come along between 13.00 -15.00 and join the Tea Dance. Dances begin at 1pm and cost £4.00, with sessions of ballroom, sequence and other typ...